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Chapter 1: Young Learners and The Classroom Environment..........7

CHAPTER OUTLINE 1.1: Introduction 1.2: Who are Young Learners? 1.3: Learning a First versus Second Language 1.4: Pedagogical Considerations: Children Learning a Foreign Language 1.5: Characteristics of Young-learner EFL Classrooms 1.6: Classroom Management 1.7: Conclusion OBJECTIVES
After reading this chapter, the reader will be able to...

  • Describe the basic concept of Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development.
  • Explain rudimentary differences between first and second-language acquisition.
  • Describe how theories in second language acquisition affect young EFL learners.
  • Explain multiple classroom applications that address theories of second language
  • acquisition and young learners.
  • Compare and contrast typical young-learner program models found overseas.
  • Describe how best to manage a class of young learners.

Chapter 2: Planning Activities and Lessons for Young Learners..........27


2.1: Introduction 2.2: Creating Scaffolded Activities in Lesson Plans 2.3: Teaching Listening and Speaking 2.4: Teaching Reading and Writing 2.5: Teaching Vocabulary and Grammar 2.6: Assessment with Young Learners 2.7: Lesson Planning 2.8: Sample Lesson Plan 2.9: Conclusion OBJECTIVES
After reading this chapter, the reader will be able to...
  • Define instructional scaffolding and explain how it applies to young-learner activities.
  • Describe considerations for teaching listening and speaking skills to young EFL learners.
  • Describe considerations for teaching reading and writing skills to young EFL learners.
  • Describe methods for effectively introducing new vocabulary to young EFL learners.
  • Identify rationale for including or excluding explicit grammar instruction in the young
  • learner classroom.
  • Identify appropriate assessment practices for young learners.
  • Design effective activities and lesson plans for different levels and ages of young learners.

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